Raymond Suttner: Self-respect: the hidden costs of Nkandla


2 thoughts on “Raymond Suttner: Self-respect: the hidden costs of Nkandla

  1. Hi Raymond. It has been some time since we last corresponded. You were surely busy these last months with your great outreach aimed at helping us to find our souls again in this our troubled land. Your efforts no doubt touched many people and I was delighted to follow the wide coverage your book launches and interviews received. Today’s post by you touched be deeply because I could sense that it’s contents came from the depths of your heart and soul. I have also been struck lately with that sad feeling that the good people have somehow become so compromised that they have lost all sense of compassion and respect for justice. Terribly sad, since the consequeces are so severe. Anyway, thanks for your continued crusade and for not giving up – you must surely sometimes also wonder whether it is all worth the trouble, but today’s post convinced me that you have that inner strength which will allow you to prevail. A luta continua! (And this coming from a boerseun, just shows how perspectives seemed to have shifted!) Groete, Piet.

    • thanks Piet. Sorry I did not pick this up earlier. I have been under pressure. Yes, this is something that involved my ‘soul’ in the sense that it was not just about what is right or wrong, but our sense of self-respect, dignity etc. Thanks for your support as a boereseun. Groete Raymond

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