Dlamini faction of COSATU moves towards self-destruct of federation

The section of COSATU headed by president, S’dumo Dlamini appears headed for a route that will destroy the federation, or at least create a serious split. While I have my reservations about the NUMSA project and aspects of suspended General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi’s conduct, the faction controlling COSATU at present has not moved against Vavi over his sexual activities or other alleged irregularities, but through differences engendered by the policies and practices of the Zuma-led ANC. Clearly the Dlamini group are prepared to risk the federation rather than risk a congress that could see Dlamini himself removed as president. Also, by linking their future to Zuma, many of the COSATU leadership expect to benefit. All of this bodes ill for the tripartite alliance, with the SACP already a shadow of itself and the ANC and the government it leads evoking anger and protests throughout the country.


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