ANC ‘gospel of prosperity’ & voting out Mchunu

ANC of no politics votes out KZN Chair


Senzo Mchunu has been voted out of the post of Chair in KZN.

Not a word has been said about political ideas, strategies or tactics. The ANC of 2015 preaches the ‘gospel of prosperity’, where holding office leads to benefits for the incumbents and those associated with the person elected, who will themselves be put in various positions of influence or win contracts and other benefits.

Paradoxically, this happens at the same time as there is political ferment, a buzz of ideas deriving from the various student protests. Many of these are not fully developed and unconnected to a broad strategy for transformation and democratisation. They have nevertheless shown that despite not being a tightly bound movement, they have been able to achieve important gains, in some cases gains, regarding workers on the campuses, victories that have eluded unions in the past.

The ideas that move these students raise the possibility of a fresh debate that may be part of a process of renewal. I for one plan to engage as best I can with the students and the ideas that move them. Some, it is true are variants of viewpoints that have been around for some time. But we owe those who are advancing these the respect to engage with them seriously and in good faith.

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