Raymond Suttner: Continued xenophobic attacks are attacks on the freedom of all of us

Continued xenophobic attacks are attacks on the freedom of all of us

Yesterday groups of SA small business owners travelled from township to township ordering foreign-owned businesses to close and where they did not attacked them, in one case throwing a petrol bomb into the shop badly burning the owner.
Was it not possible to prevent this? Has government done sufficient to prevent the escalation of this violence against people who are human beings like every one of us? Is this attack on the freedom and safety of people who come from elsewhere not also an attack on the freedom that belongs to all? We did not fight only to be free of apartheid but for something universal, that belongs to all of us, that is indivisible. That freedom is now under attack by some of our own, and the government has hardly done much to counter it. Not one person has been convicted for xenophobic attacks since the 2008 violence against foreign-born Africans. The current attacks are also against traders of Asian origin.

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