Angelo Fick, The meanings of Lwandle

5 thoughts on “Angelo Fick, The meanings of Lwandle

  1. Extremely graphically written, by a master of the word. It is just so sad that the idealistic note on which Angelo concluded, is just that: idealism, which has largely disappeared from our national psyche. Angelo clearly indicates why such things happen, but what got as there? He obviously hinted at some of the reasons, one being that we as a people have sold our bodies and souls to the bureaucrats and politicians (my own words and interpretation). No doubt it is the case, and we wil have to find a way to get it back as a nation. Sadly, national elections don’t seem to do the trick, for reasons analysed to death. If so, then why do we seem incapable of getting back the spirit of the UDF, for instance? Being from the Afrikaans/ Afrikaner band of the rainbow spectrum myself, I saw a resurgence of that spirit among “my” people, in the form of AfriForum, Solidariteit Helpende Hand. etc. It is both good and bad – good in the sense that at least some self-reliance is returning to a part of our nation, but sad and dangerous that it is not inclusive. Some say it is not inclusive because of the minority status of this part of the nation, and the government’s refusal to accept that some people are unwilling to simply give up their own identity in order to become part of an impossible-to-imagine and non-existing/non-achievable, living-happilly-ever-after, rainbow nation. I am still trying to make up my own mind in this respect, but in the meantime I experience as part of the community-based organizations referred to, the getting back of something of that lost spirit of togetherness, belonging, caring for each other, and common identity, which It seems our nation is not able to attain as a nation, and which made Lwandle a reality.

    Thanks again to Angelo and Raymond whose phenominal insights are helping the thinking part of our nation to try and find their way out of a lot of obscurity, hopefully with a view to letting it permeate right through the nation – to end off my commentry on a note similarly idealistic to Angelo’s!

    • Dear Piet. Thanks for these frank comments -from the heart and the mind so to speak. I will respond more fully later, because I am writing something now. I will try to get Angelo to look at these comments. I think it is important that we grapple with the problems we see, even if right now there is no obvious way forward. Regards

  2. Hi. Good Gentlemen, Angelo + Raymond.

    I’m of the Opinion tht ur idealism is fundamental in our beloved future country.

    I wud like to be guided in taking practical steps to pave the reality of ur ideals…

    Kindly include me in ur correspondence + progarammes to help us achieve these principles of ubuntu in our lifetime ….

    Thnx a mil

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