Amandla Marikana! by All Clear band (lyrics by Allan Kolski Horwitz)



Miners underground sweating in the heat
Miners above ground never enough to eat
Miners underground fearing daily for their lives
Miners above ground separated from their far off wives

Chorus: New dawn, what is to be done?
New day – there’s a struggle to be won

Amandla Marikana!

Platinum, white gold for the rich they go crazy with this new Midas itch
Workers dig with aching bones and backs for cold water in rundown shacks
Company says, all profits reserved that’s what investors deserve
Go on strike but you’ll get no pay soon you’ll bend to our power play

Chorus: New dawn, time to resist
New day rising – through the bloody mist
Amandla Marikana!

Tired of sweetheart union leaders Wabenzi liberation cheaters
Worker warriors take their place ready to defend the miners’ case
On Wonderkop hill they take their stand gather together, make their demands
Down tools for a ‘living wage’ prepare to break the bosses’ cage

Chorus: New dawn rising with the sun
New day shining – off the barrel of a gun
Amandla Marikana!

‘Law and order’ must be restored no price too high to afford
Government bosses send in the cops stake out an ambush, the bullets don’t stop
Nightfall on Wonderkop hill even the vultures are shocked and still
34 miners fallen to earth blood more precious than platinum’s worth

Chorus: Amandla Marikana!
Amandla Ngawethu!

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