Let us hope that Krejcir torture claims are properly investigated

A climate exists that can easily lead one to ignore the torture claims of Radovan Krejcir.  As a person who passes by the various places he is said to ‘hang out’ and where some people have been killed, I would like to feel safe and if he is guilty, would feel better to have him put away in prison.  

In this atmosphere of gangsterism that has reigned in Bedfordview and surrounding parts of the East Rand, police can easily believe that they have the public on their side and that they can do what they like with Krejcir.  They did not allow his lawyers to have access to him while they allegedly tortured him.  The Commissioner has some absurd statement about providing him with an atmosphere of ‘harmony.’ 

That there is an element of arrogance in police conduct appears from their response to his lawyer’s claim of medical evidence of the alleged torture, that they will get on with their work and ignore the ‘side show’, i.e. torture. 

Now we have reason to believe, on the basis of police actions of various kinds over the last few years and even before that, that some police are not at all averse to using illegal and violent methods.  Personally I do not dismiss the possibility, given their irregular conduct. that they did go beyond their rights and physically attack Krejcir.  Let us hope that the truth can emerge.

2 thoughts on “Let us hope that Krejcir torture claims are properly investigated

  1. Thank you Thokozani Ngidi for your comment. Yes, I do believe it is possible that Krejcir could be tortured. The most vulnerable to torture are thiose who have little public sympathy. I was tortured in 1975 by apartheid security police and one of the reasons they believed they could do it was that I was guilty under the laws of the day. So an innocent person may be less vulnerable in fact. Our constitution now protects all people, guilty and innocent and at this point Krejcir is innocent, from cruel and unusual punishment like torture.

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