Law firms remain overwhelmingly white and this spirals into higher echelons of the legal profession

These figures for white domination of the side bar (attorneys/solicitors) have spin offs of a range of types. The closed group of mainly white firms tend to brief white advocates, so that black advocates do not get the training in commercial law (the most lucrative area in the profession). if they are appointed judges, black former advocates are said, in legal gossip, to lack court experience and it is true that they do not have as much experience as whites in some of these areas. It is a self-perpetuating exclusion of black, especially African advocates. It also means that the whites are cornering the most lucrative briefs. It leads black advocates to put pressure on the state to brief them. My impression is that the state, nevertheless, often briefs white advocates, apart from perpetual briefing of someone like Ismael Semenya. I do not have statistics, but it would be interesting to know whether there is some way in which the state is stepping in to try and capacitate and also remedy the imbalance

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